State Office

The State Office is under the direction of a salaried executive administrator, Bonnie Loan, who provides consistency with federal and state policies without compromising the principles of Christian Science, and in general assists in maintaining the quality of the work.  The executive administrator also:

> is a liaison with zone chairmen and churches in New York and other states and countries, answering their questions and dealing with special situations;

> cooperates with Christian Science headquarters, The First Church of Christ, Scientist (also known as The Mother Church), in Boston, MA, in responding to inmates who contact them requesting information on Christian Science and responding to a request from a Mother Church member who might be in an institution;

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston MA USA

Christian Science Church, Boston, MA USA

> responds to emergency calls for help from residents of institutions all over the state;

> answers questions on institutional work from family members of individuals who are institutionalized;

> represents the Christian Science Institutional work at meetings of state and city chaplains’ organizations;

> keeps branch churches informed through the publication of newsletters and holding of annual meetings;

> arranges for periodical subscriptions to institutions, residents, facility libraries,and members of the Chaplains’ association and keeps them current;

> speaks at zone and open meetings in other states concerning NYS institutional work.

We are located at 340 Madison Avenue, Rm 526, NY, NY 10173

Telephone: 212-883-8875